We are thrilled to welcome Milla Thyme to the roster, and look forward to introducing his live sounding blend of Hip Hop, Jazz and R&B to listeners everywhere. ” - Darryl Rodway, A&R Urbnet

Milla Thyme

Rapper / Bassist / Producer

Steeped in the Soul tradition
Disciplined by Jazz
Raised by Hip-Hop

Milla Thyme is a true, devout artist, building on the foundations set before him, and fearlessly molding it to the present day and time. Born and raised in Toronto and based out of Montreal, Milla Thyme’s artistry is undoubtedly remarkable, on a technical level few can replicate what he does. By intertwining his skills as a rapper, bassist, and producer/composer, he has set the stage for himself as a socially conscious rapper and proficient musician who has earned critical praise amongst his peers and across the country.


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[...] and across the board, every time I listen through the record, I find more interesting production, lyrical and musical ideas” - Jon Kaspy, Juno winning master engineer

— About the upcoming album