Steeped in the Soul tradition . Disciplined by Jazz . Raised by Hip-Hop

Milla Thyme is a true, devout artist, building on the foundations set before, and fearlessly moulding it to the present day and time. Based out of Montreal, Milla Thyme has been working on his crafts of emceeing and bass playing each for over 10 years, this dedication and persistence is the essence of what his music embodies. Being influenced by so many different genres, musicians, and artists; Milla Thyme’s sound can not be defined within one category it is unique, and remains his own.

Until recently Milla Thyme was in between both worlds. Hushed behind the bandstand accompanying various artists and musicians; then, unreserved, rapping in front of hundreds of people. It is this seamless adaptability that has earned him props from Canadian renowned musicians in both the hip-hop and jazz/instrumental communities.

Finally, Milla Thyme is ready to take off the sideman suit and step out as the frontman/bandleader of his own project with the debut EP entitled “Eternally The Student”.  This EP touches on various genres but is rooted in his musical passions: Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. The title is a reflection of his approach to both music and life itself: to be constantly always open to learning and growth.